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Testimonials from happy clients who have benefited from The Premier Home Inspection Inc. Advantage.

We are real estate investors of Durham area. We own 11 investment properties in the area.

Over the past 4 years, Bob helped us inspect most of our investment properties. He is very professional, experienced, has a meticulous eye for detail. He patiently explained to us his findings and what could be done to solve them. On several occasions, he paid a second visit to the house to further inspect when we had doubts. We have learned so much from him. We usually received Bob's online inspection report the next day. It is easy to read and understand. It make property purchase a easy decision to make.

We would highly recommend Bob to anyone who needs a home inspection.

Winter Ng and Sophia Lee


I did receive it, and have reviewed it. Excellent work, I am very pleased with how thorough, how well laid out it is, and appreciate the pictures for reference.

Thanks. Geoff

Hey Bob

Your home inspection and report were both excellent. I also liked the links to the fixing guides. Your inspection was also cheaper than any they recommended, so I will be sure to pass this along to the real estate agent. I will contact you if I have any questions that come up in the next while,

Thanks again!!

Thanks Bob,

We were very happy with our home inspection and will pass that along to our realtor.

Thanks again,
Jennifer and Trevor

Holy cow, that is a good report. Very glad I chose your team. Thanks a lot for your help.


We received your report and I forwarded to Kathy so she was able to look at it as well. Kathy was able to voice a few concerns to the sellers agent and the sellers are going to have an electrician come and check the electrical panel out for us. So thank you for your report, and I was very pleased by the details that you provided and very impressed with your website! I'm sure it will be very beneficial to us in the future.

Thanks again

Hello Bob,

Thank you very much for sending it to me again. The inspection report is wonderful - Thank you again for your report.


Hi Bob,
We only have good things to say! We were so impressed. You were so thorough & helpful. We will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know. Thanks again

Sineaid and Rob

Thanks Bob!

We received our report and are very impressed!! The format was easy to read and is great reference for areas in which we need to address with the builder.

We will definitely recommend you to friends and family. You were actually a referral from Geoff's Mom, she used your services last year when they purchased their home.

Thanks again for a job well done and enjoy the rest of the week!


Wow ! That was much more than I expected - thanks for the quick work, guys!



thank you so much for the follow up. I will most certainly get back to you with any feed back once I have had the opportunity to share the document with my father and get his input as well. I will, as well, send Doug my thoughts, and would also like to offer a letter of reference should my father be in agreement.

I am sure that I will be seeing them within the next couple of weeks so that I can review the report with them and make notes of any questions that they may have and want to address with you once they are here and available.

Again, I would like to thank you for the time and effort you took to not only inspect the house but also to show the items in need of attention and/or maintenance so I can ensure that the house stays as well maintained as it is currently. I was very impressed by your attention and professionalism and will ensure that I note these things in the letter that I will be providing for your reference and marketing purposes.

I will not hesitate to contact you with any questions, nor to recommend your services to anyone that may ask if "I know anyone".


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Premier Home Inspections Inc. provides home inspection services in Durham Region including Oshawa, Port Hope, Cobourg, Peterborough, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Bowmanville, Newcastle and the Greater Toronto area.